HRCI Recertification Requirements

August 23, 2016 — HR Professional

Since 1976, the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) has been developing criteria that defines the gold standards of the industry. In that time, more than 140,000 HR professionals have earned credentials through HRCI.

The organization devoted to human resources is headquartered in Alexandria, VA and offers seven different certifications to professionals around the world. Earning these credentials shows employers and your peers that you are relevant, up-to-date, credible and experienced. With the exception of the Associate Professional in Human Resources certification, a credential for newbies in the business, you must have at least one year of human resources experience to apply for a credential.

Eligibility varies for the remaining six certifications, depending on what kind of formal educational credentials you’ve earned, how long you’ve worked in human resources and what career goals you hope to attain. Your employer and company requirements also may drive your decisions about which certifications you choose.

Taking Online Learning to the Next Level

HRCI contracts with a wide range of vendors to provide preparatory sites for students, actual coursework and exams, instructors and HRCI recertification classes. Most continuing education and certification courses are available online.

While employers often will pay for your certification courses, the investment in your career is invaluable. Through certification and HRCI recertification you can:

  • Put professional letters behind your name
  • Connect with a wide network of HR thought leaders
  • Gain access to the latest professional development opportunities
  • Participate in human resources events

Stay Involved with HRCI Recertification Courses

All seven of the HRCI certifications require you undergo recertification every three years. You can do this by taking an examination or by accumulating 60 hours of human resource-related continuing education courses, most of which are available through online vendors. The beginner credential only requires 45 hours of continuing ed to renew it.

Because of the valuable information and regulatory updates you receive by taking online learning courses, attending conferences and accepting additional responsibilities at work, it’s preferable that you earn HRCI recertification through the CEU process. The possible topics and means by which you earn continuing education units include:

  • Publishing and research
  • Leadership
  • Membership in other HR professional organizations
  • Online instruction

HRCI recertification often leads to better potential job opportunities and career-enhancing experiences such as:

  • Developing a diversity hiring team at your office
  • Participating in union negotiations to bring about viable solutions
  • Creating professional development programs at your company
  • Directing leadership camps
  • Finding ways to implement HR best practices

Why Bother with HRCI Recertification?

HRCI is one of the most cost-effective means of furthering your career. While it’s next to impossible to get into human resources without a college degree, moving up in your field is much more reliant on certifications. In a survey of its members, HRCI found that:

  • 82% learned more through continuing recertification courses than through advanced degrees
  • 64% appreciated the networking opportunities afforded by HRCI recertification
  • 77% found HRCI recertification processes the most productive use of their time
  • 58% believed they got the most value for their money
  • 49% received the highest return on their investments

To learn more about online HRCI-recommended courses to further your career, visit the Learning Pinnacle course library.