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Our Channel Program is designed to increase revenue and strengthen client relationships without draining your resources.

A partnership with Learning Pinnacle allows you to broaden your reach within your existing client base by expanding your role as their trusted advisor. By delivering access to our expertly-curated online learning library, you help your clients build awareness and expertise to help mitigate risk, increase productivity and grow and retain top talent. How you integrate Learning Pinnacle into your business model is up to you!

Increase Revenue from Existing Clients

The easiest road to revenue growth is paved with current clients. There is no lack of data – for any industry – that compares the costs of acquiring a new client versus that of maintaining one that is already working with you. The numbers do vary, but the cost to on-board a new client ranges between 5 times to 25 times more than the cost of retaining a current one. That’s a wide range, but does it matter? What business would want to invest 5 times more than it had to in order to reach revenue goals? Add to this the fact that current clients are 60% - 70% more likely to by an additional product or service from you versus your close ration of the prospects, which likely falls between 5% and 20% and, hopefully, the wheels are turning.

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Strengthen Relationships by Adding Value

If you work in a competitive industry, adding value to your client relationships can establish and strengthen your role as their trusted advisor. To do so, you must be able to anticipate their needs outside of the product or service you already provide and meet that need with a beneficial solution. Putting this plan into action will increase the lifetime value of your clients and give them little cause to explore relationships with your competitors. The DigitalChalk Channel Program provides a solution that addresses specific challenges faced by every business, regardless of size or industry.

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Differentiate Your Business from Your Competition

Does your differentiation strategy need some assistance? In today’s business landscape, your product or service needs to offer unique attributes that are both valued by your clients and perceived to be better than - or different from - those of your competition. If you’ve already fine-tuned your offerings, level of customer service and pricing, it may be time to begin providing additional solution to your clients that cannot be obtained through your competition. When you partner with DigitalChalk, you gain the ability to offer your clients a solution that helps them mitigate risk, increase productivity and grow and retain top talent for their business.

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Mitigate Risk

  • Every business day, the EEOC receives nearly 350 charges of discrimination, harassment and retaliation made by US employees.
  • 70% of all substance abusers hold down full time jobs. They’re 5 x more likely to have an accident at work and 3 x more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim.
  • A new administration will influence regulations previously set by the Affordable Care Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Increase Productivity

  • Most employees utilize less than 10% of the functionality of various business software applications that are designed to help them work efficiently.
  • More than half of employees recently surveyed by CareerBuilder stated cell phone usage was their primary cause for procrastination while at work.
  • Inefficient and misuse of email costs American businesses $81 billion dollars in lost productivity each year.

Grow and Retain Top Talent

  • In a nationwide poll of nearly 4,000 new managers, responses showed 26% of them felt unprepared for their new role and 56% of them received no management training.
  • A study by the Center for American Progress found that the cost of replacing an employee ranges anywhere from 16% - 213% of that employee’s annual earnings.
  • Studies repeatedly find that high employee turnover results in low morale and lost productivity, both of which negatively impact a company’s revenue.

Course Spotlight

Active Shooter Onsite: What Every Employee Should Do

When it comes to workplace shootings there are measures you can take to not only limit the damage but also to save precious lives both before and during these traumatic incidents.

Coaching for Superior Employee Performance: Techniques for Supervisors

The main objective of this session is to discuss coaching and why it is an important part of your job.

Social Media in the Workplace: Managing the Impact

The growing use of social media has wide-ranging implications for the workplace.